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Our state of the art back pain treatments has produced an incredible success rate in reducing or permanently eliminating back pain. 

How Active Release Technique Can Help With Back Pain

Active release technique is soft tissue therapy that has become popular in many wellness clinics. It is a technique that helps to reduce joint stress and releases muscle tightness. Active release technique is a useful deep tissue massage therapy that can be used to treat chronic pain such as back pain among many others. The technique is also known as ART can also help to reduce inflammation, treat tension headaches, stimulate the lymphatic system, and many other painful conditions.


How Active-Release Technique can help with Back pain

Most of the back pain is as a result of overuse conditions. This means that the best way to treat them is through hand-massage therapies. When the techniques such as ART are applied to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and other body tissues, it can help to reduce the pain.

Back Pain Relief Testimonial 

If you normally experience back pain, you know how frustrating or devastating it can be. And since most back pains are caused by a minor, the best way to treat them is through massage treatment. Based on numerous studies, the Active-release technique can improve back pain symptoms that must adults suffer from. Whether it is acute or chronic, back pain can affect many daily activities.


In most cases, back pain is caused by poor posture, torn or pulled muscle, sudden movement or lifting heavy objects. Instead of the patients going for surgery or pain drugs, the active release technique can help. In many cases those who have only gone a few times reported that their pain has decreased substantially. Some even said it was completely gone.


ART is proving to be an effective treatment for chronic back pain issues and can help people with back issues return to their normal activities very fast. ART is a treatment that is administered by chiropractors and massage therapists. Since they are experts, they can identify the cause and be able to give the best therapy based on the particular case.

Whether you are a fan of massage therapies or you are new to such techniques, you can get the real cure for your back pain.


What are the other benefits of Active Release Technique?


Apart from helping in back pain, active release technique has numerous benefits. It is a great technique that increases flexibility by relaxing joints and muscles. So if you are a sportsperson, ART can help you enhance your performance and also prevent future injuries. ART can also be used to relieve pain that is caused by carpal syndrome tunnel. According to research, the technique can act as a natural remedy for carpal-syndrome symptoms. Other benefits of the technique include enhancing motion, preventing injuries and improving the performance. Active release technique is also used to treat neck pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain and sciatica pain.


Why choose LVPRC Active release technique for Back pain?

If you have been experiencing acute or chronic back pain, active release technique is one of the best treatment you should try. LVPRC has the best therapists. They will access your case, and conduct the technique based on the causes of the pain. Fortunately, the treatment is quicker and the best approach to restore your musculoskeletal health.

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