Foot and Ankle Pain Relief With

Active Release Technique

Active release technique for foot pain is one of the many treatment options that are used to manage injuries and painful complaints. ART or active release technique is a new treatment method that has been acknowledged in many pain relief clinics due to its effectiveness. Being a soft tissue therapy, ART is also used to treat sports injuries, car accident injuries and other painful conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches and migraines, tennis elbow and sciatica pain among many others.


What are the causes of foot or ankle pain?

Foot and Ankle pain can be acute or chronic. It is also a condition that can upset normal activities such as walking, exercising, and other physical activities. Some of the causes of the pain include:


* Occupational constraints such as standing on hard surfaces

* Shoes that do not offer enough support

* Injury

* Wearing of high heel for a long time

* Increased physical activity after being inactive for a long time


Although there are many treatment methods that are used to treat foot and ankle problems, most of them are slow to provide comfort. Also, they do not approach the real cause of the pain. This leads to inadequate help and a chance of re-occurrence. Fortunately, active release technique has proved to be an effective treatment method for foot pain and other common pain complaints. It is safe, beneficial and now available in many pain relief centers. Actually, ART is the best mode of treatment for foot pain and ankle injuries.


How Active release technique can help with foot pain

Foot pain is a complicated condition that causes discomfort, irritation and a lot of pain. According to research, around one million people in America complain of foot pain every year.


Even though traditional treatment methods are the most common types of treatment, ART has become the most preferred treatment option for foot pain. It is one of the best pain relief techniques for acute and chronic foot pain. Once you visit the clinic, there are several tests that are done to determine the cause of the problem. After the tests, the practitioner can easily locate and treat the soft tissue adhesions using the active release techniques. The tests are also essential because they help the specialist to pick the appropriate technique for the foot pain. Fortunately, most of these tests do not take long.


After the simple tests, you may be advised to take high-level tests that include scans and x-rays to identify the main problem. With the results, the practitioner can be able to locate and treat the muscles, ligaments or tendons that might be having a problem.


Why should you choose active release technique over other foot pain treatment methods?

One benefit of active release technique treatment over other methods is that it is fast and effective. Majority of foot and ankle problems respond very well to the treatment. Although each condition is different, most patients react well after several session of the treatment. Other benefits of active release technique include reduced pain and discomfort, improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and enhanced range of motion. The benefits are some of the reasons why many professional and elite athletes prefer ART over other treatment methods.

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