How Active Release Technique Can Help With Frozen Shoulder 

Active release technique is a treatment approach that has been used in many pain relief centers for many years. It is an approach that is used to treat issues with ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, and fascia. Back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, sciatica, knee pain and shoulder pain are just as some of the conditions that can be addressed permanently and quickly with Active release technique. All the above conditions have one thing in common, they occur due to overuse of the muscles.


How Active-release technique can help with frozen shoulder.

Active release technique is one of the most effective treatment approaches that can be used to treat frozen shoulder. Frozen should is a condition where someone experiences ongoing shoulder pain and stiffness. It can last for days, a week or several weeks. In most cases, it occurs when inflammation develops around the shoulder. It can also occur when an individual is recovering from an injury. With a frozen shoulder, it is impossible to sleep properly, to exercise or to perform your day to day activities.


Benefits of active release technique for frozen shoulder.

Most people who experience pain around their shoulders may not know the best approach to consider. Even though there are many ways to treat shoulder pain, it is important to understand the causes of the pain, and the best approach to reduce the pain. Active release technique or (ART) is one of the most recommended treatment approaches for frozen shoulder. Active release technique is a massage treatment that can alleviate shoulder pain and help relax the stiff shoulder muscles. This kind of approach is essential because it focuses on the cause of the pain, and helps to increase the blood and oxygen circulation to the affected region.


The patient is required to undergo several ART sessions to reduce the pain and the muscle stiffness. During the treatment, the practitioner applies constant pressure to the shoulder muscles to release the adhesion that might be causing the pain. It is an approach that helps relieve acute shoulder pain, inflammation or swelling.


Why should you choose ART for frozen shoulder?

Shoulder pain is not like a headache or back pain. With this kind of pain, you cannot lift your hand, drive your car or use your laptop. In addition, most painkiller drugs cannot reduce shoulder pain. Although there are several treatment methods you can use to treat frozen should, ART is the most recommended. Some people use ice, stretching, heat, or exercise. Others go for complicated treatment methods such as surgery. However, most of these approaches cannot be compared with ART because some take a long time for your shoulder to recover.


One major reason why active release technique is effective is that it manages to deal with the real issue of frozen shoulder. Most of the above treatment methods only treat the symptoms. For you to recover fully, you need a treatment method that will address the problem with the shoulder muscles or the ligaments. If you have a frozen shoulder, visit LVPRC for active release technique. This approach is simple, affordable, and safe. The specialists at LVPRC will also ensure you understand how the ART works and what you should expect.

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