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If you have been experiencing neck pain, you are not alone. Today, neck pain is as common as back pain. However, do not ignore the pain as it can lead to more serious problems.


The neck is made up of vertebrae, which extend from the skull to the upper body. The ligaments, bones and the muscles support the head and allow the neck to move freely. There are many causes of neck pain, which include muscle strain and tension, injury, meningitis and many other causes. If neck pain symptoms persist for more than one week, it is important to visit a healthcare center.


Kendra couldn't move her neck for a year.

People suffering from neck pain are aware that it can interfere with their daily activities such as driving, exercising, playing sports, and concentrating at work among many others. It is also impossible to sleep well if you are suffering from neck pain. Fortunatly, Active release technique can help take away your neck pain.


How active-release technique can help with neck pain

Active release technique has shown to be an excellent treatment for chronic and acute pains. It is one of the best approaches that can be used to treat neck issues and help you get doing the things you love to do. It is possible for anyone to suffer neck problems even without an injury. Improper posture or poor sleeping positions are some of the main causes of neck pain. The neck muscles become painful when you try to turn the head. Whether you are experiencing neck pain due to weakness, tightness or abnormal causes, the active release technique is the safest approach to reduce the pain. Apart from being safe, ART offers corrective and quick results.


What are the benefits of choosing active release technique for neck pain

By combining movement and manipulation, active release treatment can reduce pain in the body tissues. It solves issues on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. It is a treatment approach that is provided by trained personnel that include physicians, physicians, massage therapies and chiropractors.


Some of the benefits of choosing active release technique for neck pain are:

• Increased flexibility

• Reduce neck pain in a short period

• Increase field of motion

• Manages neck muscles

• Help to improve blood circulation to the neck muscles


What to expect from active release technique

Nowadays most pain relief centers are performing active release technique. It is a hands-on treatment that can easily address pain in the soft tissue. It is a powerful approach that can be applied to the neck tissues to treat injury pain and other chronic pains. During the ART treatment, the practitioner applies tension to the affected ligaments, muscles, and tendons. After the treatment, a patient will have balance, flexibility, and stability on the entire neck. Active release treatment can be considered as an active massage. Apart from neck pain, the treatment is effective in treating back pain, headaches and migraines, shoulder pain, knee pain and many more muscle pains. If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, it is important to consider active release technique. It is fast, safe and can treat all types of muscle pain.

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