Sciatica Pain Relief With Active Release Technique

Today, sciatica is an issue affecting young and old people. Sciatica pain can be defined as a pain syndrome which goes down from the sciatic nerve, through the lower back, buttocks to the legs. One of the causes of sciatica is spinal disc-herniation. Apart from the pain, sciatica is a condition that can affect day-to-day activities. However, it mostly affects one side of the body. People living with sciatica can testify it is a nightmare. Acute and chronic pain disrupts sleep and daily activities. If you feel you are suffering from sciatica, the best option is consulting your doctor immediately.


He or she should be able to diagnose and reduce the pain before it becomes worse. What are the common symptoms of sciatica? Even though the main symptom of sciatica is the pain, there are other symptoms that include:

• Muscle weakness

• Leg and foot numbness

• A sensation of needles in the legs and buttocks

• Burning sensation

• And the pain in the back, buttocks, and hips


What are the main causes of sciatica pain?

Acute conditions, accumulation of small tears and lack of oxygen are some of the main cause of sciatica. Each of the causes can create a lot of pain. Without proper treatment, the problem can become worse and even lead to other serious problems. It is therefore important to seek proper and effective treatment to reduce the pain.


There are many treatment options you can try to reduce sciatica pain. Some of them include injections, drugs or surgical. However, most of these treatments are not safe and may have numerous side effects. One of the best and most effective treatment methods for sciatica pain is Active release technology.


Apart from sciatica, active release technique is a treatment that can be used to treat frozen shoulder, neck pain, back pain, shoulder impingement, muscle pulls and strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, running injuries and headaches or migraines. How Active Release Technique can help with Sciatica Pain.


A safe and effective way to solve sciatica pain is through active release technique. It is a form of therapy that involves manipulation of the soft tissues that include the muscles, nerves, and fascia. The approach removes the adhesions of the muscles, reduces the spasm and corrects any issues in the muscles. Active release technique or ART is administered by skilled therapists who always maintain their approvals through constant learning. It is a therapy that requires a lot of experience and skills to attain effective and quick results.


What should you expect from active release techniques?

Every appointment includes a combination of several tests and treatment. The practitioner uses his or her hands to evaluate the tightness, texture, and movement of the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and fascia. If there are abnormal tissues, they are treated by applying tension with particular movements. Here at LVPRC, we are aware of the benefits and effectiveness active release techniques. We have been using ART for over 20 years and we have seen great results on our patients. There are many ART moves and treatment protocols that our practitioners use. But the good news is that ART is safe and very effective.

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