How Active Release Technique

Can Help With Shoulder Pain

Most people experience pain in their shoulders. Even though shoulder pain is a common disorder, a good number of people do not know the best way to treat the problem. Shoulder pain is the discomfort that you may feel when you try to lift a heavy object or to reach behind your head. In most cases, the pain can be so strong that you may not be able to perform some tasks.


Shoulder pain is a condition that can destroy the quality of someone’s life. Nowadays, many people are struggling with chronic and acute shoulder pain due to various causes. Unluckily, most treatments or medications available cannot dismiss the pain.


What are the main causes of shoulder pain?

Being a common problem, you can experience shoulder pain during the day or at night. However, there are different causes of shoulder pain. Some of the common causes include:


• Rotator cuff tear – It is the pain that occurs when tendons of rotator-cuff separate from the bone. • Rotator-cuff tendonitis/bursitis – this is the main cause of shoulder pain.


• Dislocation of the shoulder – it is an injury that can occur at the top of the arm.


• Others causes are frozen shoulder, shoulder instability, shoulder separation, and shoulder arthritis among many others. Shoulder pain symptoms can last for several days or weeks. If you are suffering from chronic or acute shoulder pain, it is essential to consider a reliable treatment method.


Shoulder pain treatment methods

Although there are many shoulder pain treatment methods. The remedy of this condition mainly depends on the cause of the problem. Hence, it is so important for the doctor to understand the causes and the symptoms before getting on with a treatment program. Some of the common treatment methods for shoulder pain include rest, heat or ice application, stretching and physical therapy.


Even though most of the above techniques can be used to relieve the pain, the majority of them do not address the root cause of the pain. The most preferred treatment technique is the active release technique. According to numerous studies, active release technique is safe, reliable and effective for both chronic and acute shoulder pain.


How active release technique can help shoulder pain

Active release technique (ART) is a physical therapy designed to treat muscles, nerves, fascia problems, tendons, and ligament pain. Just like other soft-tissue therapies, active release technique task is to relieve the pain. During the treatment procedure, the patient is required to move the hand or the shoulder as advised by the practitioner. The specialist then moves your shoulder through various positions to free up the ligaments, nerves, tendons, and the muscles. This therapy helps the shoulder to regain its normal flexibility. In addition, the movements and change of position encourage blood circulation in the affected areas.


Why choose active release technique for shoulder pain over other treatment methods

ART for shoulder pain is one of the most effective treatment methods. One of the benefits of using the active release techniques is that the practitioner does not only approach the symptoms of the pain. He or she addresses the root cause of the pain to help improve the condition. By applying different pressures on the affected area, the healing process becomes quicker and effective. Active release techniques can also be used to treat neck pain, headaches and migrates, wrist pain, foot pain, knee pain, back pain, and sports and car accident injuries.

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