How Active Release Technique Can Help With TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction)

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) is a condition that affects the jaw joint. In most cases, it is the decreased movement of the jaw or the pain. TMJ is not a serious problem, and they are various elements that can cause the problem. However, if it is not treated, it can lead to severe problems.

Individuals experiencing Temporomandibular joint-dysfunction may encounter:
• Pain in the joint or nearby areas. In most cases, the pain is located in front of the ear, the eye and might spread to the cheek. 
• Jaw-movement might reduce due to the pain or someone may have a feeling of the jaw being stuck. In some instances, the jaw might be locked causing difficulty in closing or opening the mouth. 
• Since the jaw-joint is close to the ear, some individuals develop ear problems such as sensitivity to sound, noise and dizziness. 
• Some noises or clicks may be heard coming from the jaw-joints when chewing or talking. Even though the clicks and noises are normal, if you are experiencing other symptoms in the joint, it is good to seek advice from a health expert. 

TMJ Treatment at the Las Vegas Pain Relief Center

How Active-release technique can help with Temporomandibular joint-dysfunction (TMJ)
Active release technique is a soft-tissue technique that treats muscles, ligaments and nerves problems. Whether you are experiencing pain due to an injury, overuse or poor posture, ART can help restore the functions and the motion of the soft tissues. People experiencing TMJ dysfunction can benefit a lot from the technique. 

The treatment focuses on relieving tension in all the muscles around the joints. Also, active release technique addresses TMJ pain by fixing the misalignment between the spine and the nervous system. ART adjustments on TMJ often use trigger points to relax and adjust the muscles. They also help to reposition your jaw and reduce the pain completely. Besides, the approach does not just reduce the pain in a short period but also ensure the jaw pain does not come back. 

Why active release technique is the best for TMJ pain
The safest and the most effective treatment method to solve TMJ is through ART. Active release therapy is a therapy that helps to solve the underlying causes in your nerves, muscles and the joints. Apart from being safe, the treatment restores the normality of the jaw joint fasters and there are no side effects. It is a strategy that is administered by skilled specialists who always get their confirmations through continues learning. Hence, when choosing the best clinic for the treatment, ensure you pick the best. This is because the technique needs a lot of skills and experience to attain faster and actual results. 

What should you expect from active release techniques?
Every individual case is different because there are many causes of TMJ pain. However, the appointment includes several tests and the treatment. A skilled practitioner uses his or her hands to identify the problem and to restore your jaw to the normal status. 

If you are experiencing TMJ pain, visit LVPRC for more information about the treatment. Our specialists are aware of the benefits and helpfulness active release techniques. For several years, we have been using ART to treat several muscle problems we have seen great positive effects. There are multiple ART moves and treatment procedures that our practitioners use. 

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