How Active Release Technique Can

Help With Wrist Pain

Wrist pain has become a common condition in many pain relief clinics. This is because the wrist is a significant joint that plays a primary role in basic movements such as writing and texting. Hence, when the pain occurs on the wrist, it can interfere with your routine activities. Most people are not aware that the wrist is a joint made up of different joints. Therefore, there are various causes of wrist pain. For instance, a strain on the wrist joint can cause an injury if the ligament is overstrained.


What are the causes of wrist pain?

There are many causes of wrist pain. Even though some are simple, others are intense. So, it is essential to seek appropriate treatment if you are struggling with acute or chronic wrist pain. Some of the causes include:


• Carpal tunnel syndrome – this can be described as a disorder that occurs after dysfunction of the nerves in the wrist.


• Wrist tendonitis – this is a very common issue that can cause swelling and wrist pain.


• Wrist sprains – these are injuries to muscles and ligaments around the wrist joint. Most wrist sprains limit the use of the hand.


• Arthritis – another common cause of wrist pain is arthritis. Apart from causing the pain, arthritis can cause difficulty in performing normal activities.


• Broken wrist – another common cause of the pain is a broken wrist.


• Other causes of wrist pain include grout and injury among many others.


Treatments for wrist pain

Wrist pain treatment depends on the causes and the symptoms. Some patients complain of acute pain while others suffer from chronic wrist pain. Some of the symptoms of wrist pain include trouble gripping objects, stiffness or a clicking sound when someone is moving his or her wrist. Before the treatment, a physical examination is done to determine the best treatment method. Some of the examinations include MRI, x-rays, scans, and arthroscopy. Some of the techniques used to treat wrist pain include exercises, surgery, home treatment, ice or heat application, rest, and active release technique.


How active release technique can help with wrist pain

Active release technique is new and among the most effective treatment methods that help to address soft tissue pains such as muscles, nerves, and ligaments. It is the most suggested treatment strategy for dealing with pain and injuries. If you are struggling with wrist pain, active release technique can help to relieve the pain. It is a technique that can be viewed as an active type of massage. First, the specialist compresses the tendons and the muscles and then applies some pressure using their hands. For soft tissue pain such as back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, foot and wrist pain, ART is the most effective treatment method. One main benefit of the treatment is that it allows the practitioner to correct the noticeable problems and unnoticeable problems.


Why most people prefer active release technique for wrist problems over other approaches Based on numerous studies, many injuries and pains respond quite well to active release techniques, particularly when combined with some exercises. Even though every case is unique, the treatment method has numerous techniques that can be used to address any wrist pain. In addition, there are no drugs or surgical procedures needed during the treatment.

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